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(Picture: Pose for Chicago Times Shirley Temple Club 1936)

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1998 Graeme & Victoria Horne
Australian Shirley Temple Collectors News
55 Botanic Drive, Glen Waverly, Victoria 3150 Australia
$44AUD pa Australia, $35US pa Overseas
Ph 03 9561 0238 Fax 03 9561 0238
Quarterly news with free Victoria's Dolls Catalogue
Further Details: ASTCN News


Graeme Horne
R.Dubas Collection 1977
Czechoslovakia Shirley Temple Club
See picture above


M.Meissinger Collection 1977
Chicago Times Shirley Temple Club
See picture above


Hobby City Doll & Toy Museum
Beautiful collection of Shirley Temple dolls, photos, and other memorabilia.
1238 S. Beach Blvd., Anaheim, Ca, 92805. Ph (714) 236-9300


Netherlands Shirley Temple Club


NSM Shirley Temple List Mail
via Charly Niemann, Germany
Free regular email from subscribers


Shirley Club of Colorado
For persons named after Shirley
Monthly social gathering for dinner


Shirley Amicki (President)
1998 Rita Dubas
Shirley Temple Collectors News
8811 Colonial Road, Brooklyn, NY 11209
$20 pa USA, $25 pa Canada/Overseas
For info send stamped/addressed envelope
Published quarterly. Recommended


Rita Dubas
(Use Subject:STCN)
1997 STCBS Club
Shirley Temple Collectors by the Sea Club
PO Box 6203, Oxnard, CA 93031
$14 pa USA, $16 Canada, $26 Overseas
For info send stamped/addressed envelope
Annual meeting etc, California
Monthly newsletter "Lollipop News"


Ruth Pollack (President)
Online Clubs
Shirley Temple Clubs at Yahoo
Shirley Temple Club for Doll Collectors

Doris Ergle

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