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Although Shirley uses the Internet and has visited this website, she does not have a published email address and receives too much to read or reply to fan mail.  If you are frustrated with something substantial to say, this page is an open forum to write her a letter, where your thoughts can be nurtured and conveyed via the Fan community. No guarantee can be made that Shirley will ever read this, but it's always possible that she may look here sometime!

Kirsty - Hi, remember u add me as a friend by Facebook for the first time and I was very happy to having u in my Facebook and contacts each others, but however u closed down your Facebook! I was disappointed it and I have always loved u in my hearts, as my daughter Siobhan is in pages. Hoping any agency or casting would interests her to be and I will be very proud of like u :) I love you very much, wishing u are in my family :) xx
Email Reply (Admirer 40-50 from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia) (#E47)

Kelly - Hello, my name is Kelly Phillips and I am thirty years old. For as long as I could remember, Shirley Temple was a household name and I grew up on your movies (Like many others in America). Your movies left an impression on me.
Email Reply (Admirer 30 from California) (#E46)

Greg - My father did the kitchen construction, a very long time ago. This is when you were in Woodside. I was very young and had natural curly hair at the time. I could send you my pic when I had curly blonde hair. My father's name is Stan. I think he worked on your kitchen remodel, sometime in the 60's.
Email Reply (Casual 52 from California) (#E45)

Judy - I took this opportunity to try to communicate with you that I have been a fan or yours for about 40 years. My name is Judy Johnson and I live in Colorado Springs Co. When I was little I wanted to be you. I now have a 21 year old daughter and I raised her on your movies as well. I have collected a bunch of them. I guess the next person I can share you with will be my grand daughter when she comes along. I have loved you and your work since early childhood and I just want you to know that you are much loved and appreciated. God bless you and your family.
Email Reply (Admirer 40-55 from Colorado) (#E44)

Terri - We pray all is well. HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY!
May God bring you many blessings for all the days to come. May God keep you happy, healthy, safe and fill your life with many special memories always. I have been a fan of yours for years, actually I grew up with you. I have to say you are an inspiration to so many people. I want to find some box sets that I can afford to give to my little nieces who live in different States so they can grow up with you like my twin and I did. You dancing, singing and acting is such a blessing for many children to see to want to do the same arts. I do have some memorabilia but never enough. Some of my things are considered replicas. I wish I could have all the memorabilia but of course we don't have that kind of money; besides we keep helping family, friends; as well as many less fortunate people that we don't know. Oh yea, we do pay our bills on time first. It's also hard to find memorabilia of yours and when we do we aren't able to afford the high prices that many put a high price tag on your items. Of course way back when, when you first was a Child Star it wasn't very expensive, but people charge a arm and a leg and more to buy your memorabilia. It's a crying shame that people loose control of who you were and how they want so much money. I wish you had control of how people price your memorabilia. Oh, I would like to be kept in touch when you will do an Appearance again. The day you were last awarded was the day I found out and we lived too far to make it to your Appearance fast enough. I was so sad because my twin and I have always wanted to see you in person. You are a special person from God with God's given talents to touch people's lives. We are so blessed to have you a part of our lives through the years. I hope your new book will be out soon. We all pray and wish you and your family the best from God.
Oh, you might be wondering why I have a MusicMovies email address, well my husband and I entertain, my husband also does history on old time classic movies with the songs of that era for people to see what real movies and music was in the Good Ol' Days. My husband tries to find reel-to-reel movies of your classic movies, too.
I'm glad I finally got to get through to you. I have been trying to write you a long time. By the way I'm not one of those crazy people who stalk or harass anyone, I'm just a good fan of yours and so is my twin sister. Please you and your family take care of each other, be happy, healthy, safe and blessed by God every day. Oh, we are sorry for your loss, too of you husband. You see I just recently found out about your husband from a person from Australia. Hugs, kisses, love, prayers and God bless you and your family always from the Twins Terri and Cheri and the family, too.
Email Reply (Enthusiast 50-60 from California) (#E43)

India - I just love your movies, I started with the Little Princess and Heidi, and now I nearly have all of them! I watch at least one movie every day, I just can't get enough! I have been tap dancing for two years now, and I just told my mommy yesterday, "I want to be in a Shirley Temple Movie". She told me, "you're about 70 years too late!". Oh, well, I still love you even though you're grown up now! I listen to you in the car, too, I have two music CD's and I don't let mommy listen to the radio anymore! I know all of your songs and all of your dances, I just wish I could dance as well as you! I would like to practice acting out parts from your movies. I am very shy in front of people, except for mommy, of course! I just like to have fun and pretend to be in one of your movies! I would like to meet you someday
Email Reply (Enthusiast 5 from Florida) (#E42)

Ryan - Growing up, my grandfather has told me on several occasions that I was very distantly related to Shirley Temple. I always cherished this, and I would not hesitate to tell others of my good fortune of being born into such a family. Also, my older sister and I grew up watching pretty much every Shirley Temple movie available. I also always thought that it was cool that she was a U.S. ambassador. I am really blessed to be in a family with such amazing people. Anyways, if you ever read this Shirley Temple, I just wanted to say "hi" and wish you God's richest blessings
Email Reply (Admirer 20-40 from Texas) (#E41)

Rex - You inspired me to write short stories like the ones you played when you made movies. My dream is to give the world another Shirley Temple and thanks to Legacy Pictures this will become a reality soon. Thank you for your charm and love on the big screen
Email Reply (Enthusiast 49 from California) (#E40)

Debora - I hear we are related to Shirley Temple My name is Debora/Debbora Sue  I got married to a Michael Jon on August 5th, 2000 in Davenport Iowa.  My mothers legal name was "Linda Lou Elsesser" when she was born, but for some reason her parents changed her middle name to "Jean" I am uncertain if it was done legally or illegally. My Grandmothers name is Elsesser
Email Reply (Enthusiast 46 from Tennessee) (#E39)

Laura - My mother is eighty two years old. She had quite a bad stroke last week and her mind is out of sorts. She would not eat for about three days. I brought a VCR into her room in the Seniors Home and put on the Shirley Temple movie (Heidi), she ate all her breakfast that morning. I played another one at lunch time (Little Miss Broadway) and she ate all her lunch. She has been eating much better these day, when she is not feeling well we watch another Shirley Temple movie. She always loved watching them. So I am writing to say thank you to Shirley Temple Black
Email Reply (Admirer 40+ from British Colombia) (#E38)

Allan - I hope that you get to read this and sincerely hope that you will remember me from what I feel privileged to refer to as "The good old days". I will be age 90 in March and feel privileged to still have the mental and physical abilities of a much younger man, and the ability to recall the best moments of my life. If I may, I feel that I was privileged to have first met you back in the 40s when your husband attended the US Army intelligence school at Ft. Mead, Maryland, where I was a classmate of his in some of the courses. Although our meetings at several functions were very casual, I have carried the privileged memories with me ever since. You may recall that we again met very briefly at an Embassy function in Accra when you were our Ambassador to Ghana and I was stationed in Sierra Leone. I was on a very hush-hush assignment, having been ordered to Ghana to interview Colonel Affrifa while he was imprisoned. In any event, I considered myself very fortunate to having met with you again at that time. I hold those brief meetings as among the more important memories of my life. I am still very active as a private investigator, licensed in my home state of Nevada having returned here after more than 35 years of living abroad - 24 years in Europe and nearly 12 years in Southeast Asia (Philippines) where I served as police officer in Manila on specific request of then President Magsaysay who was also a very personal friend until his unfortunate death in 1956. In any event, I consider it a privilege to be able to at least send you this email and to express my fondest thanks for the memories that I have of you from far back and to wish you long, long life to bring even more happiness into the lives of others. Also, for whatever it may mean to you and others, I am an active team leader for Southern Nevada in the VHRU, an organization made up of retired police officers from all over the United States in support of our Homeland Security tied to an official police coalition group. Should you ever be in the Las Vegas area I would consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to provide you a uniformed honor guard.from among our officers and otherwise assist in making you always welcome. Wishing you all the best from the nearly 200 members of the VHRU. Allan, Lt. Colonel USAF (Ret)
Email Reply (Admirer 89 from Nevada) (#E37)

Marie - Have a very happy Birthday and God Bless you, many more Darlin'. Today you gave me a present, Shirley movies all day. Thank you for giving me the honour to love you. Best wishes and enjoy your day, Love you
Email Reply (Admirer 60 from Florida) (#E36)

Karen - I have many movies of yours and a button. I also have an autographed photo of you that has been in the frame for 60 years. I admire you very much and when I grow up I hope to be a magnificent lady just like you. I hope to meet you also when I grow up. Is there anyone you admire? Well you do not need to admire anyone you are already an awesome person. I love your movies and songs, in fact I sing them every day. At theater camp my nickname is Shirley because, everyone knows that I love Shirley's wonderful accomplishments. I like Shirley and encourage others to like her also because, she makes me happy whenever I think about her
Email Reply (Admirer 10 from Ohio) (#E35)

Janet - I have wanted to tell you how wonderful was the film "The Bluebird" ever since, years ago, I read in a book that you were dismayed with the film since everyone preferred the "Wizard of Oz". Believe me, that is not true
Email Reply (Admirer 55+ from West Virginia) (#E34)

Heidi - You are related to me by marriage and my Grand Mother Peggy Sue Sherfield. I think her maiden name was Black
Email Reply (Admirer -20 from Florida) (#E33)

Jennifer - I grew up watching your movies as a child and I always was so excited to see them when they came on. I am now married with 3 children and my youngest is almost 3 yrs old and she is always getting comments that she looks like Shirley Temple. This make me so proud. I was also told that my mother-in-laws older sister tap danced with you Shirley. I have always loved you and always will. Whenever I put on one of your videos my daughter starts to dance. I would love to get her into movies like you but all I can find are the scams out there
Email Reply (Admirer 20-40 from Oklahoma) (#E32)

Kristen - Hi, just recently we had to create a Shirley Temple doll. For me it was a great privilege to be able to make a doll on you. I never knew who you were until the beginning of the year, but I REALLY look up to you because I love to dance and sing, but I will never be as good as you. Shirley to me you are a true star
Email Reply (Casual 12 from NSW Australia) (#E31)

Joany - Hi, I would just like to say that I am you are biggest fan from the heart! Maybe I haven't seen all your movies or have all your dolls but the point is is that I love your movies and what you did. Yes I am only 12 and not much to say for it, but I love all your movies that I have seen and to you I would say if you ever did read this that you are the most profound Actress ever! I would very much like to accomplish some of what you have if not all.  This is to show you just how much I am devoted to you! Thank you so much for making the movies that I watch today and making your dreams come true!
Email Reply (Admirer 12 from Tennessee) (#E30)

Diane - My mom is the same age as you are, and when she was a little girl she went to see your movies. She wanted desperately to take tap-dancing lessons, but the local classes were filled up. Instead, she got stuck taking violin lessons, which she hated
Email Reply (Admirer 40-55 from California) (#E29)

Carol - I feel the need to apologize for been a little negative about Child Star, the Wonderful World of Disney movie. I just wanted the movie to cover more about Shirley Temple's life, just like the book. But I'm not a producer, I understand Melissa and her mom wanted to help us remember Shirley as a child, and the end of her childhood career. I just read the article written by Ashley Rose Orr, "Child Star the Movie" and I must confess I have watched that movie so many times I practically memorized it.  Ashley is a very sweet little girl and she did a good job, she is modest enough to mention that no one can be like Shirley. I repeat she did a good job! I hope Shirley, Ashley and Melissa can read this message. I also love Shirley Temple, and Ashley and Melissa have done more than me to bring her memories back
Email Reply (Enthusiast 20-40 from California) (#E28)

Mani - I have seen many movies where children play the lead role but I have come to a decision that you are the best. The movies you have acted in, still move the audience. In fact your movies are eternal.
Email Reply (Admirer 20-40 from Karanataka, India) (#E27)

Raina - Thank you so much! I have two sons and a daughter, my sons have watched you before and enjoyed it. But to see the twinkle in the eyes of my 1 1/2 year old girl as she jumps on my lap and to hear her saying "There's Shirley", it warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes. Thankyou again.
Email Reply (Admirer 20-40 from New Jersey) (#E26)

Lia - Hi! I am you biggest fan. I have seen almost all of your movies. I am a ten year old 5th grader and I have always wanted to meet you. The other day I saw ROBIN WILLIAMS in his car and I waved to him. He waved back. It was awesome! You are a living legend. You are like one of the only real actresses that was really, really, really a famous person (and the youngest) who is still alive! I mean that in a good way not that you are old or anything.
Email Reply (Enthusiast 10 from California) (#E25)

Brittany - I am a big fan of Shirley Temple. I love Wee Willie Winkie! Whenever I get the chance I watch Shirley Movies. I spend a lot of my time acting. I have starred in many shows in school programs and at home. A few times at convalescent homes my 2 sisters, my friend and myself went and sang songs to many people who were older and in beds. All four of us love to act. Even when I was young I would pretend that I was on TV. When I got in trouble I would just say, “I’ll be back after this break”, and afterwards I’d go on pretending to be famous. I still hope to act in the future and Shirley Temple inspired me
Email Reply (Admirer 11 from California) (#E24)

Emily - I love your movies. They are so much fun. I can sing and dance like you. I have been so in love with your movies. Everything that I talk about with my friends and family is about you. The only reason I want to go to Los Angeles is to see your name on the "Walk of Fame". I hope that I can meet you one day at least. And, I hope that I can get one of your dolls even if they are real expensive. You are my favourite child star ever. And so talented too! I am your BIGGEST FAN! And I mean it!
Email Reply (Enthusiast 7 from Ontario, Canada) (#E23)

Paul - In recent years, when I saw your movies, I often wondered what you would look like today. I saw a 1998 photo, and think you look great. Thank you for showing it. I loved the positive attitude you always played. That was half of your beauty
Email Reply (Admirer 55+ from New York) (#E22)

Trish - Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives, hope to meet you one day!
Email Reply (Enthusiast 40-55 from South Carolina) (#E21)

Rachel - I am a big fan of yours. I don't have a lot of Shirley Temple stuff, though because I was born in 1992. And Shirley temple dolls are at least 1,000 dollars today. I love watching your movies!
Email Reply (Admirer 10 from Indiana) (#E20)

Sarah - I would like to meet you so much my great grandma (God rest her soul) had one of your movies and was watching it and I was watching it with her and I just fell in love with the movies so I got all of you movies and I would like to interview you. I am sorry that your company would not let you be Dorothy in the wizard of Oz. I personally think that you would have been a very very good Dorothy but Judy Garland did a good job but you would have been better
Email Reply (Enthusiast 13 from Illinois) (#E19)

Pammie - I am your favorite fan. I watch all of your movies today. You were the greatest child star actress
Email Reply (Admirer 31 from Michigan) (#E18)

Robin - Shirley Temple has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Now, I have the pleasure of introducing my 2 1/2 year old daughter to the wonderful world of Shirley Temple. I love to watch the way her eyes light up as she watches Shirley dance and sing. She has even picked up some of Shirley's expressions (verbal and facial). She even tries to dance like Shirley does - she doesn't have the skill, but she certainly has the heart! Nothing brings generations of my family together like an evening of watching Shirley Temple movies. It is a shame that today's movies aren't the same calibre of those she made. Thank goodness for Shirley Temple! May God Bless you, Shirley!
Email Reply (Enthusiast 24 from Kentucky) (#E17)

Becca - I'm a HUGE fan of yours! I have tons of your movies and hope to collect all!
Email Reply (Enthusiast 11 from Maryland) (#E16)

Randall - I want to thank you Miss Temple for all the smiles you have brought me, and my family through out the years. You were always so sweet, so talented, and so very cute. You must have been such a joy to your parents. I miss movies like yours, that a family could watch together. Movies now a days have no real meaning, or talent. I just wanted to thank you, and say hello, and to tell you that you are in my prayers. I don't have any TV idols, but if I did you would be her. God Bless You
Email Reply (Admirer 40-55 from Kentucky) (#E15)

Nancy - What can I say, I'm crazy about you! I have many of your composition dolls, pictures, movie memorabilia from fox studios, including some of Doc Bishops collection. I actually live where they made the Whitney carriages for your dolls. My extensive collection will be passed on to my two daughters, so they will enjoy what you have given to the world. Love and admiration
Email Reply (Admirer 40 from Massachusetts) (#E14)

Chanel -  Hi Shirley I really admirer you and I think your cool even though I am 12. I think you brighten up my day but I only look at you as a kid still. Well anyway when I am in my acting classes I only have to think of you and then I start to act good. How good is that! Well anyway I have to go now seeya. Lots of love
Email Reply (Admirer 12 from QLD Australia) (#E13)

Julie - Hello Shirley! I have loved you from the time I was a small girl and watched all of your movies. As I got older while reviewing your movies I recalled remembering you in some of the scenes I saw. It was almost like being introduced to an old friend. One I hadn't seen for years. You have brought me such joy and happiness that I continue to share that happiness with my nieces and nephews. I also take intermediate tap dancing. Your a special lady who I admire! sincerely yours
Email Reply (Enthusiast 20-40 from Ohio) (#E12)

Karen - I have just finished watching the movie "Child Star" and it made me want to know more. After reading a synopsis on your life and career highlights I can only find more respect and admiration. You have brought happiness to many (including me) as a child, but it is your life after this that impresses more. Many actors/actresses flounder after their film career is over. Your resilience, strength and goodness emanates through all your life and the extraordinary work in your political career and support of MS, which I believe does not get mentioned enough. If the number of people that had fame and gave it up, were instead strong and took on a new life the way you had, the world would be a gentler and healthier place. You are not just one of the world's greatest child stars you are one of the world's greatest women - congratulations on a wonderful fulfilled life
Email Reply (Admirer 20-40 from NSW, Australia) (#E11)

Carol - First of all let me say THANK YOU for all your good work, money doesn't mean anything anymore. Your movies can be watched all over the world any time and I hope they can still affect people and help them be happy and kind to each other. I read your book "Child Star" last year, I read it while I nursed my twins, and it was an inspiration, I learned a few tips from your mom. What a loving mother she was. Today's mothers have a lot to learn from her. I recently watched that movie The Wonderful World of Disney made, I think it was a little off. I don't think it shows the real picture of your life. I think you should be in the Oprah show or something. Your optimism is needed since September 11. But I understand you deserve a private life. I want you to know that God is going to do something about all the problems we face, because there's nothing humans can do to live in peace and security, only He can solve all our problems. I think you know that, after working with the United Nations
Email Reply (Enthusiast 29 from California) (#E10)

Kristy - I just wanted to say that your movies are a great tradition in my family. I'm 24 yrs old and for as long as I remember I have been watching your movies. Every Sunday after church me and my mother go to my grandmothers to watch one of your movies. We laugh together and we cry together. Now I get to take my 3 yr old daughter to the very special Sundays. I have to admit although I loved your movies my 3 yr old brings new meaning to loving Shirley Temple. She dances and sings just like you and when you ask her "What do you want to be when you grow up" she says with a huge smile on her face " I want to be just like Shirley Temple". Its so cute. Her bedroom is done in Shirley stuff and she has 3 or 4 dolls of you and we have our own set of Shirley movies. Since my grandmother wasn't quite ready to part with her collection. So this email is to say THANK YOU for not only bringing joy into my life but for also bring joy in to my precious baby girls
Email Reply (Enthusiast 24 from Arkansas) (#E09)

Jennifer - When my Grandmother first introduced me to your movies I was about 5 years old, it became a tradition to watch a movie every time it was on. I have kept up the tradition and passed it down to my Daughter.. she has been taking Tap since the age of 2. I see the sparkle in her eye when she watches the movies and it puts a smile on my face. When she has Dance Recital I tell her to "sparkle" and she knows exactly what I am talking about .. well thanks again for allowing me to enjoy your movies with my daughter. I hope she will keep up the tradition and pass then to her Children when she has them, thank you so very much
Email Reply (Enthusiast 20-40 from California) (#E08)

Bonnie - Whether or not Shirley Temple reads this, I felt I had to write and say what a treasure she has been and still is to all the people have come to admire her throughout her years as a child star and then a politician. Even today her early films bring smiles and joy to new viewers. There are very few people who do not recognize her name. Even with all she has been through with health problems, she still has a radiance about her that speaks of her courage and love for her family, friends and fans. In the 50's my late sister had her first real job and bought me a 12' Shirley Temple doll. Because of financial problems, I had to sell the doll in the 60's to a doll dealer. I always felt bad about that because she had been my favorite doll. I moved to another location and I heard that the doll dealer had passed away. I thought the doll was lost to me forever. But then someone told me they thought her husband still had some of her dolls so I called him, and sure enough, he still had her. This was in the year 2000. He told me to come and get her. So I did and she is home now, in just as pristine condition as she was when my sister bought her for me. Thank you, Shirley, for making the world a little bit brighter. God Bless You
Email Reply - (Admirer 56 from New York) (#E07)

Marilyn - I have been a fan of yours for as long as I can remember. I had a collection of paper dolls, and also a Shirley Temple Christmas Annual which I had in 1936. In 1937 I developed Scarlet Fever and Diphtheria and was hospitalised for quite a while. When I recovered and was due to leave hospital all my possessions had to be burned - a regular occurrence in those days to help stop disease spreading. So I lost all my Shirley Temple things and I don't think my parents could afford to buy me any more. Now I have a cabinet with lots of Shirley dolls, large and small and when in the States found some books of cut outs - like the ones I had all those years ago. To say I was ecstatic at my find is an understatement. How I wish the clocks could go back to the old days when happy childlike films were the order of the day. Thank you for all the pleasure you have given me over the years. I do wish I could find a copy of the Christmas Annual again but think it might be impossible
Email Reply - (Enthusiast 71 from England, UK) (#E06)

Libby - I have your whole collection of movies and dolls. I just wanted you to know I think your a terrific lady and what a life you have led. Just wanted to let you know your still cute as a button!
Email Reply - (Enthusiast 36 from Texas) (#E05)

Rachell - I would just like to say thank you to Shirley. Growing up as a young girl, I couldn't wait until Sunday's came and I could watch one of your films, each week it was a new one. You brought me many laughs and enjoyment. As an adult I have been able to pass on your films to my daughter. Also I had some friends that rented one of your homes in Brookdale California. I grew up there. I was so thrilled when I was younger to hear you owned a home there, even more so delighted that I was able to actually go there, and visit and swim in the summers, the lady bugs in the pool were always a delight. Once again thank you.I have also read about your achievements and work in the present, you truly are a rare individual, God bless you
Email Reply - (Admirer 33 from Washington) (#E04)

Jane - Do you think there is any chance of getting Shirley to honor her mother by emailing two or three lines saying something about her feelings for her. It would be printed along with other well known people on the back of a book I'm compiling for publication with Skyward Publications. I'm especially interested in a word or two from Shirley because of the story that will be in the Milestone section
Email Reply - (Enthusiast 55+ from Missouri) (#E03)

Ronald - My 76 year old Mother is and always has been a great fan of yours. I hope you are feeling well. You made many people very happy. God Bless
Email Reply - (Casual Interest 40-55 from Massachusetts) (#E02)

Shirley - My name is also Shirley. I collect Shirley Temple dolls and other film stars bits and pieces. I have always admired your work and seen most of your pictures. I always enjoyed your films. I have watched Gone With The Wind several times. I am a 67 yr. young widow and believe you are as old as you feel. I am living in Perth Western Australia. I have several cut out and dress Shirley Temple dolls, also some sweetie cigarette cards of Shirley Temple. Thank you for all those wonderful films you made in the past, best wishes
Email Reply - (Enthusiast 67 from Perth, Western Australia) (#E01)

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