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From Various News Sources (April 20th 2016)

Los Angeles - The United States Postal Service Monday issued a stamp depicting child star Shirley Temple. The stamp is the 20th in the Postal Service’s Legends of Hollywood stamp series.
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From Various News Sources (April 19th 2016)

California - Shirley's 9.54 carat "Fancy Deep Blue" ring was bought by her father in 1940 for $7,210, around the time of her 12th birthday. It was passed in at auction, for a private seller who bought it from her estate. It has been estimated to be worth over $25m.
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From Various News Sources (Feb 11th 2014)

California - Shirley died 11 pm Monday 10th Feb 2014 at home, from natural causes aged 85. She was surrounded by her carer and family. She leaves children Susan Charles and Lori, grandchild Teresa, and great grandchildren Lily & Emma. The online community was flooded with messages of admiration and love, and most news services featured clips of her movie and political career. Not many people are praised so widely; we shall not see the likes of her again!

From Various News Sources (Sept 26th 2010)

California - Gloria the blonde beauty who played in Poor Little Rich Girl, and Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm, has died of Lung Cancer Aged 100 years after 54 films. At age 87 she was the oldest person to be nominated for an Oscar, in recognition of her part as older Rose in the Movie Titanic.

From Los Angeles Times (Dec 18th 2009)

Malibu - The actress who with her first husband Robert Walker played opposite Shirley in Since You Went Away, has died aged 90 of natural causes. Both girls were working for Producer David O Selznick at the time, and vying for his attention. David was besotted with Jennifer ending up marrying her, and this did not help Shirley's career at a critical time. In all Jennifer starred in more than two dozen films.

From Various News Sources (Oct 26th 2008)

California - Delmar Watson, the boy who played Peter the Goat Herd in Heidi, has died aged 83. Delmar acted in more than 200 movies until the 1940's, then joined his brothers in a family business of news photography

From Various News Sources (3rd Nov 2006)

Los Angeles - Shirley's publicist Rick Ross said she fell and broke her wrist a few weeks ago and is still wearing a cast on her right arm. Otherwise "She's fine" he said

From Various News Sources

Hollywood - The American Film Institute Nominations for 2006 awards included 5 of Shirley's Movies. Under Nominated Cheers Films was Heidi, Since You Went Away, and Stand Up and Cheer. Under Nominated Musicals was Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Poor Little Rich Girl
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From Cathy Scott, Washington

Hollywood - The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) honoured Shirley Temple Black with the organization's Life Achievement Award at the Guild's 12th annual awards celebration on 29th January 2006
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California - It brings great sadness to report the death of Charles Black Aged 86 (1919-2005), Shirley's husband of some 55 yrs. Shirley met Charles in Honolulu in 1950 soon after her divorce from John Agar and it was love at first sight; they married in December of that year. Charles was at the time in the Merchant Navy and later became involved in business, with fisheries development & ocean research. He also served on various Government committees and as a Regent for Santa Clara University, holding an MD in Business from Stanford University. Charles was ailing in the last few years, suffering from a bone marrow disease and received treatment at the Loma Linda University Hospital. He died Thursday 4th Aug 2005 at home in Woodside, surrounded by his loving family

From Christopher Harmon, Producer

Minnesota - An independent film production company, Legacy Pictures, is in development of a new Shirley Temple type film "Sparkle, Serena!". With a pint-sized girl dazzling with charm and smiles at the centre of the story, the feature length motion picture will resonate an inspirational message and include song and dance numbers - just as Shirley's films did. Acting Opportunities are available. The Company is also looking for Donations or Investment to help with this project
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California - Now at

From Web Chat

San Diego CA - Legend Films is a studio specializing in restoring and colorising classic films in high definition at a never-before-seen vibrancy. They have created an example based on Heidi and are hoping to promote the technology for other Fox Studio films. Lets hope this means a new improved set of Shirley's films are released on DVD
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From Various News sources

Torrance CA - The man who danced with Shirley in Captain January (1936) to the song "At The Codfish Ball" as Paul Roberts, died 6th July 2003 aged 95, after a long and successful film career. Ebsen was an accomplished dancer, actor, sailor, artist and musician

From Nijart International

Los Angeles - A life size bronze Shirley Temple statue was permanently installed at the Fox lot on Wednesday, September 11, 2002 where it will welcome children and their families to the newly dedicated Shirley Temple Day Care Centre. The citation on the dedication plaque reads simply "Inspiring children of all ages - Shirley Temple"
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From Various News sources

Burbank CA - The American Air Force Sergeant who was Shirley's first Husband, and became an actor until alcoholism damaged his marriage and career, died Monday 8th April 2002. Agar 81, who lived alone, died of emphysema at Providence St Joseph Medical Centre in Burbank.
Born in Chicago in 1921, Agar was the oldest of four children of a meatpacker. His father died in 1935, and the family later moved to Los Angeles. In 1943 he was an Air Force Sergeant and physical training instructor at March Field, near Los Angeles, when a friend arranged for him to escort Shirley to a Hollywood party given by David O Selznick. Agar was 24, Shirley 16. They were married later that year. The pair appeared together in two films, Forte Apache and Adventure in Baltimore, and Shirley gave birth to a daughter Linda Susan in 1948.
Troubled by his drinking and flirtations, she filed for divorce in 1949. After Starring in several Westerns, Agar slid into a series of low-budget science fiction movies in the 1950s and 60s. He later sold insurance and real estate, promoting for many years Brunswick's senior bowling program. Agar is survived by his son, Martin and John III, daughter Linda, two brothers, Frank and James, and four grandchildren

From Candice Corbridge, Connecticut

Norwalk CT - Postal Commemorative Society (division of Danbury Mint), 47 Richards Av, Norwalk CT 06857, Ph 1-1800-641-8026 has begun releasing sets of Stamp Panels depicting Shirley in 16 popular films. Each 10 x 13" Panel is filled with colourised film photos of Shirley, plus text of the story and stamps mounted in plastic holders. There are six Panels for each film set, bearing a total of 11 official postage stamps from around the world. Films include:- Curly Top, Little Colonel, Heidi, Bright Eyes, Little Princess, Baby Take a Bow, Rebecca of Sunnybrook, Littlest Rebel, Poor Little Rich Girl, Stowaway, Little Miss Broadway, Just Around the Corner, Wee Willie Winkie, Our Little Girl, Dimples, Captain January
Cost is $39-90 per set including a leatherette album, with new sets for the other films being released every 2 months

From Rita Dubas, Shirley Temple Collectors News, New York

Los Angeles - There was a casting call for little girls to audition for the Shirley Temple role in the upcoming movie based on Shirley's autobiography, Child Star! Under the producing team of Melissa Joan Hart and her mother Paula Hart in association with "The Wonderful World of Disney", the movie for ABC TV in USA was shot in Australia, while Shirley and Charlie Black spent their 50th wedding anniversary in China!
Note: Australia's Nadia Tass directed with actor Colin Friels, scoring is by Allan Zavod. Ashley Orr as Shirley 5 1/2 to 11, a barely 10 yo bubbling New York stage veteran was chosen out of 10,000. Local producer Iain Paterson said: Ashley is an extraordinary, lovely, unspoilt, little girl. Samantha Gillian is the 4-year-old Temple and Emily Hart is 14 when the film finales.
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also American Girl magazine May/June 2001 edition for Ashley makeover pictures

From Chet Prater, American Trading Partner Ltd, Nevada

Coming Soon - This popular drink previously manufactured 1986-1994 will soon be available once more, see "File Library" for promotion cards

From Rita Dubas, Shirley Temple Collectors News, New York

Summer 2000 edition - Contains an article "The Child Star Who Tried to Grow Up" by writer Neil Doyle. It's a great story focusing on teen Shirley. $4-95 an issue, contact Films of the Golden Age at 301 East Third Street, Muscatine, IA 52761, or call 319-263-2331.
Watch for the archives to be made available later in 2005
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From Charley Niemann, NSM-Listmail, Germany

Now shown on TV-Now Website is the listing of Shirley Temple films programmed for screening this month
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From Rita Dubas, Shirley Temple Collectors News, New York

New York (Variety) - Hollywood (Variety) - Melissa Joan Hart, star of ABC's
``Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,''  top lines a contemporary remake of the
1947 RKO comedy ``The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer'' Hart, who will take on
the Shirley Temple role, will also co-produce with her mom, Paula Hart

From Brad Lang, Classic Movies Guide

NASA Quest - Female Frontiers (Quest Chat Archive) - Interview with Shirley 26/3/1999
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