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Leighton West is a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer with experience in computer and network support. Has a grown up son. Interested in cars, computers, cycling, sailing, early films, and strongly supports the ideals of Shirley Temple.
Member PC User Group, Melbourne, Australia (One of the worlds largest computer user groups).

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Special credit is extended to the following supporters for their generous help:

Geocities, Santa Monica USA - Web Server at birth place of Shirley Temple
Twentieth Century-Fox Corp - Original source of most still images of Shirley
Legend Films - Publisher of DVD's & CD "Shirley Temple Storybook Collection"
Iris Musique Production - Publisher of CD's "The Songs of Shirley Temple's Films"
Tempo Communications - Publisher of CD "Shirley Temple - Lollipops"
Pavilion Records Ltd - Publisher of CD's "America's Sweetheart"
Screen Archives Entertainment - Publisher of CD "The Blue Bird"
Rita Dubas - Publisher of "Shirley Temple Collectors News"
Robert Windeler - Author of Book "The Films of Shirley Temple"
Loraine Burdick - Author of Book "The Shirley Temple Scrapbook"

Melissa Dubois - Collector
Sarah Horne - Collector
Pauline Weissman - Collector
Melissa Tan - Collector
Candice Corbridge - Collector/Photographer
David Jenkins - Harry Warren Collector
Mary Tipton - Music Collector
Cathy Scott - Collector
Jana Pratt - Shirley Impersonator
Mike Gardiner - Collector

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