Shirley Temple

Music Recorded

Commercial recorded music available

(Picture: On vacation in Hawaii 1935)

Background music: "Tra-La-La-La",
Twentieth Century Music Corp/Robbins Music Corp,
Computer adaptation 1999 David Jenkins

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Click for Titles 2005 Legend Films
Shirley Temple Storybook Collection
TV series 29 songs plus 8 instrumental tracks
Includes 10% coupon for web sales
2005 Legend Films Inc
5075 Shoreham Place, Suite 120
San Diego, CA 92122
- Item 10401 $9-99 Special
Click for Titles 2004 Pegasus
Animal Crackers
Popular 19 Songs
Pegasus Imports

-ASIN: B0001PJ988

Click for Titles 2003 Screen Archives
The Blue Bird
Film score 20 tracks
Includes 24 page colour booklet
2003 Screen Archives Entertainment
P.O. Box 550 Linden,
Virginia 22642
- SAECRS009 $20-00
Click for Titles 2000 Golden Options
Early Bird

Popular 20 Songs

Golden Options Imports

-ASIN: B00004Z36S

Click for Titles 1999 Jasmine Records
Oh My Goodness
Popular 26 songs
1999 Jasmine
England, UK
- $14-99
Click for Titles 1998 A.M.C.O.S.
Shirley Temple - Lollipops
Classic 26 songs
Original recordings from collection
of Wendy Tory, Jan Farkos & Kevin Daly
1998 Tempo Communications
Tempo International Pty Ltd
PO Box 46, Innaloo
Western Australia 6018
- DBCD 28 $9-95 AUD
Click for Titles 1997 Iris Musique Production
The Songs of Shirley Temple's Films
Three CD's box Volume 1/2/3
Most "Fox" songs complete from film
1997 Chansons Cinema
Iris Musique Production
Qualiton Imports Ltd
24.02 40th Avenue
Long Island City NY 11101
- CIN 021/022/023 $40
Click for Titles 1996 AVM
Shirley Temple: On the Good Ship Lollipop
Popular 16 songs


1996 The Collectors Edition
- AVM-018 $9-95 AUD
Click for Titles 1996 Pavilion Records
Shirley Temple: America's Sweetheart
Two CD's Volume I/II
1996 Flapper
Pavilion Records Ltd
Sparrows Green, Wadhurst
E. Sussex, England
- PAST CD 7096/7097


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