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-Would like to see a female pen pal age 13-16
Email Reply (Casual -20 from Ondo Nigeria, 2009)

Nicole - I would like to meet cool new Shirley Temple fans. I just love her soooo very much!
Email Reply (Admirer 16-20 from California, 2006)

Goumi - I am looking for a female friend, 13-20. Favourite subject Maths. Please Reply me soon
Email Reply (Admirer 15 from Sri Lanka, 2005)

Kirston - Hi I would like to talk to anyone from ages 8-13. I like animals and sports. I also like art. I would luv it if you would email me. If ya wanna talk sometime give me a shout out
Email Reply (Casual 13 from Indiana, 2005)

Kristiana - Hello there, I want a pen pal between the age 9 and 13. Bye!
Email Reply (Admirer 10 from Bulgaria, 2005)

Cassi - Shirley Temple fans email me, lets talk!
Email Reply (Enthusiast -20 from Idaho, 2004)

Erin - Anyone who loves Shirley I would love to talk to (She Rules)
Email Reply (Admirer 10 from Ohio, 2004)

Abby - I have red hair and freckles, I also wear glasses, I love to swim, I love school, and I love making and hanging with friends and I would like one person male or female to reply and be my penpal! Please tell me how old you are and where you are from! Yes, I love Shirley Temple but that isn't all I would want to talk about! I love to write and would rather write letters to my penpal instead of emails!
Email Reply (Admirer 10 from Pennsylvania, 2004)

Carola - I would like to chat with people age 12-20, who just like myself love Shirley Temple
Email Reply (Admirer -20 from The Netherlands, 2003)

InÍs - Im a Shirley's Portuguese fan and I'd like a penfriend between the age of 10 and 16!
Email Reply (Admirer -20 from Oporto, Portugul, 2003)

Nwabu - Hi, I will like to have a penpal female and male who are from the age of 18 to hobbies are playing football and listening to music. I promise to reply you, thanks
Email Reply (Admirer 18 male from Aba-Nigeria, 2003)

Amanda - Would love to chat with anyone about Shirley. I appreciate everything she did
Email Reply (Enthusiast 15 from Illinois, 2002), AOL ScreenName - LittleRah927

Claire - I would like to talk to someone between the ages of 10-15
Email Reply (Admirer 12 from California, 2002)

Sarah - Anyone that loves Shirley or collects antiques or movies of her
Email Reply (Enthusiast 14 from Pennsylvania, 2001)

Thee - I want a penpal who loves watching her movies. Age doesn't matter
Email Reply (Admirer -20 from Washington, 2001)

Kiah - I would like a pen pal that is the same age
Email Reply (Admirer 11 from Minnesota, 2001)

Allie - Would like to talk to someone 13-16 interested in Shirley Temple,
as well as other things
Email Reply (Admirer 13 from Oklahoma, 2001)

Caroline - I would like to talk with everybody about Shirley Temple
It doesn't a matter for the age
Email Reply (Admirer -20 from Paris, France, 2001)

Jasmine - Penpal male or female between age 14-18 no older
To relate to Shirley as a role model etc
Email Reply (Enthusiast -20 from New York, 2001)

Courtney - I would like talk to someone 14
Email Reply (Admirer 14 from Canada, 1999)

Sheri - I Would like a pen pal between the ages of 13-20
Email Reply (Admirer -20 from San Diego, 1999)

Grace - Same age or older with interest & love for Shirley's works
Email Reply (Enthusiast -20 from Florida, 1999)

Jessica - Would like penpal from 7-13
Email Reply (Admirer 10 from South Carolina, 1999)

- I would like to meet cool new Shirley Temple fans. I just love her soooo very much!
Email Reply (Admirer 16-27 from California, 2006)

McPaulins - I'm interested in a long term relationship.and penfriends 20-40 years
Email Reply (Admirer 20-40 from Dakar Senegal, Nigeria, 2003)

Jennifer - Would like to talk to any age from 13 years up
Email Reply (Admirer 20-40 from California, 2001)

Sean - Hi, I want to chat with other Shirley fans, 25 or under
Email Reply (Admirer 22 from New York, 2000)

Moira - Has daughter 7 yrs, would like penpal from anywhere
Email Reply (Admirer 37 from South Australia, 1999)

Kimberly - Christian outlook, web skills
Email Reply (Admirer 20-40 from California, 1998)

- There is a Shirley museum at Hobby City  My father was in "Dimples"
Email Reply (Admirer 47 from California, 2002)

Teri - I would like penfriends between the ages of 45-60
Email Reply (Enthusiast 53 from Washington State, 2001)

Kerrie - Like to talk to anyone
Email Reply (Admirer 41 from NSW, Australia, 1999)

Tony - Would like penpal to discuss Shirley's films 30-50 yrs
Email Reply (Enthusiast 40-55 from Berkshire, UK, 1999)

Thomas - Interested to chat about detail of Shirley's films
Email Reply (Admirer 40-55 from Sth Carolina, 1998)

- Would love to hear from anyone else who loves Shirley
Email Reply (Enthusiast 71 from England, UK, 2002)

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