Shirley Temple

Personal Detail

Personal detail of Shirley, her family and friends

(Picture: With Gertrude - coach, companion and critic)

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Real Name       Shirley Jane Temple-Black
Date of Birth
9:00 pm Monday (23 Apr 1928), Santa Monica Hospital, California
Brown Eyes, Blonde Hair (In childhood 56 curls), Dimples
Height 32" on 19th Sept 1931, Height 5' 2" as Adult
Died: 11 pm Monday 10th Feb 2014 at home, from natural causes aged 85
Education Private tutors at Fox Studios 1934-1940
- Miss Frances Klampt (Regular public school grade curriculum)
- Paula Walling (French), Bessie Nyi (Chinese for "Stowaway")
Westlake High School for Girls, LA 1940-1945
- one of 42 Graduates in June 1945
Private tutors at Selznick Studios 1945-1946
- (Spanish & Psychology)
Preferences Colours - Red and White
Child Role - "Wee Willie Winkie" as a peacemaker
Adult Film - "That Hagen Girl" with Ronald Regan
Adult Hobbies - Golf, Gardening, Fishing, Cooking
Grand Parents Dr Francis & Cynthia (Yaeger)/Temple
- children Grace, Herbert, George, Francis Jnr
Otto & Maude (McGrath)/Kreiger
- children Gertrude, Ralph
Parents         George Francis Temple (May 1888-1980), Pennsylvania, Banker
Gertrude Amelia (Krieger)/Temple (15th July 1893-1977), Illinois
Siblings        John Stanley (Jack) (1915-1985), FBI Agent/Hospital Administrator
- son John Stanley Jnr
George Francis Jnr (Sonny) (1919-1996), MS Society Employee
Spouse          John Agar (1920-2002) 1945-1949, Actor
- married Sept 19th at Methodist Church, Wilshire
Charles Alden Black (1919), 1950-2005, Entrepreneur
- married Dec 16th at Black parents home, Monterey
Children        Linda Susan (30th Jan 1948), Librarian
Charles Alden Jnr (28th Apr 1952), Business Consultant
Lori Alden (9th Apr 1954), Photographer/Musician
Grand Children  Theresa Falaschi (1980), Student (By Susan)
Great Grand Children Lily, Emma (By Theresa)
Early Friends   Winfield Sheean, Producer: Fox
Darryl Zanuck, Producer: 20th Century-Fox
David O Selznick, Producer: Selznick International
Will Rogers, Actor: 20th Century-Fox
James Dunn, Actor: "Stand up & Cheer" etc
Bill Robinson ("Bo Jangles"), Actor/Dancer
John Griffith (Bodyguard & Driver)
Frances Klampt (Klammie), Tutor at Fox
Marilyn Granas, First Stand-in
Mary Lou Isleib, Understudy
Nancy Majors, Neighbour
Home 948 24th St, Santa Monica CA (1928-late 1934)
2nd address Santa Monica CA (late 1934-early 1936)
231 N.Rockingham Av, Brentwood CA (early 1936-1950)
9439 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills CA (1950-1952)
115 Lakeview Dr, Woodside CA (1952-1998)
Last Address: Undisclosed (1998-2014)


Cheryl J.Kagen Public Relations,
8899 Beverly Blvd., Suite 918, Los Angeles, CA 90048,

Shirley Temple-Black Agent,  c/o Postoffice CA 94062 USA
Please do not send fan mail as Shirley receives too much to be read

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