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(Picture: Colouring Book by Saalfield 1930's)

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 Click for larger view Click for larger view This is a great conditioned Shirley Temple Album No.2 with all pages and perfect lettering. I'm located in Hollywood
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 Click for larger view Click for larger view The following VHS/PAL video's which are shown in the linked pictures: The Little Princess, Dimples, Little Colonel, Captain January, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Little Miss Broadway, Heidi, The Littlest Rebel, The Blue Bird, Curly Top. Also a number of booklets: Shirley Temple in The Poor Little Rich Girl, Shirley Temple Little Star, Shirley Temple Drawing Coloring Book, Shirley, Temple Through the Day, How I Raised Shirley Temple, Wee Willie Winkie, Shirley Temple in Dimples, Shirley Temple in Heidi, Shirley Temple in Stowaway, Shirley Temple Song Album No 2, Now I am Eight
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Click for larger view Danbury Mint Shirley Temple & Bill "Bojangles" Robinson Dolls without box, in excellent condition, with no imperfections, as it has been stored in curio for display. See the very exquisite detail & art work by artist Elke Hutchens. Bojangles is 14 1/2" wearing a tuxedo, & Shirley is 8" wearing a green dress. This set beautifully portrays the scene made famous in The Little Colonel as they dance down the staircase
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Click for larger view Four mint condition 14" Shirley Temple dolls by Danbury Mint. They have never been displayed or removed from original packaging
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Professionally framed photo 11''x14" of Shirley & Doll. Will include paper dolls. Am needing to downsize due to retirement
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Book: Shirley Temple in The Littlest Rebel with illustrations from the Photoplay, a 20th Century-Fox Production copyright 1914, abridged edition, copyright 1935 by the Estate of Edward H. Peple All Rights Reserved The Saalfield publishing Company Akron, Ohio, and New York. It is the script of the film with photographic illustrations of Shirley as Virgie Cary dancing with Bill 'Bo Jangles' Robinson and many others. In very good condition undamaged or creased, and I am sure someone would like to own it
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Click for larger view Shirley Temple Silver Screen Movie Collection of figurines. 11 figurines approx 4-6" tall in their original boxes and packaging, w/authenticity card. Produced by Danbury Mint. Baby take a bow; Blue bird; Curly top ; Heidi ; Dimples; Poor little rich girl; Rebecca of sunnybrook farm; The littlest rebel; Stand up and cheer; Stowaway; Susanna of the mounties. Will ship o/seas at buyers expense
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Danbury Mint Little Miss Shirley doll
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Click for larger view Shirley Temple doll in glass dome case.  Composite doll, circa 1930ís. Never played with and always kept in dome, so in mint condition. Anyone interested in adding her to their collection
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16 Different Danbury Mint Mugs From Different Movies, Also 3 Ideal 1972 Stand Up & Cheer Dolls In The Box
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Unopened DVD of The Little Princess + 12 Short Features, free shipping
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Baby Take a Bow collectors handcrafted and hand painted bisque porcelain figurine issued with the personal approval of Shirley Temple Black. There are only 25,000 of these and only the first 2,500 are signed. I have a signed one with all
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I have so much Shirley Temple stuff and I want to sell every thing. I have 16 dolls, every VHS movie, mugs, spoons, books, plates, cabinets full please let me know what you are interested in
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Signed Shirley Temple Stand up and Cheer collection figuine number #852
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As new Shirley Temple Collection "Curly Top" Limited Edition Collector's Plate, personally autographed by her on back, and never out of it's packaging. One of only 2500 autographed, plate # 2350. Made by Nostalgia Collectibles in 1983
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Numerous magazine articles and pictures, too many to count. Would sell whole group together. Also have sheet music and photos with studio stamp on back
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Three 78 rpm records of Bambi narrated by Shirley Temple in original jacket
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Four Danbury Mint Shirley Temple plates: Captain January #7077, The Little Colonel #1140, Heidi #2362, Little Miss Marker #3955
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Paper Doll Collection
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Cobalt blue mug (opaque)
Email Reply (#A44)

Salt figurine of ST in a riding outfit holding a crop in both hands over her head. It is in excellent condition. Approx 6 inches tall
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Dolls, Clothes, Books, Records, Jewelry etc. Send for 7 Page list
Email Reply (#A42)

Collection of dolls (Ideal & Danbury Mint), movies, plates, books (inc leather bound one), mugs, photo's, spoons
Email Reply (#A41)

Danbury Mint Shirley Temple plates for sale: Captain January-B650, Wee Willie Winkie-B650, The Little Colonel-B650, Poor Little Rich Girl-B650, The Little Rebel-B650, Bright Eyes-B650. Collected these for my daughter who doesn't want them. Best Offer
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Shirley Salt Figurine, interested?
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Poster b/w for The Oscars 1938 Award Dinner
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Shirley Temple favorite Coloring Book, by Saalfield Pub Co; 1937, EC
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Shirley Temple look alike doll. She is BEAUTIFUL, a "must-see-to-believe"!
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News clipping/pics 1945 of Shirley's wedding to John Agar in Los Angeles, EC
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Book "Shirley Temple At Play"  see
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All-original Captain January Doll 26" with pin
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Life Magazine with Shirley Temple on the cover dated March 30, 1942
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Porcelain Figurines: The Little Colonel, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Bright Eyes, Heidi, Little Miss Marker. Collectors Porcelain Plates: Stand up and Cheer, Bright Eyes, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Captain January, Little Miss Marker, Baby Take a Bow, Curly Top.
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Danbury Mint's 16" vinyl Shirley Temple "Dress Me" doll with 25 movie costumes and accessories. All in original boxes and packagings with certificates. Paid over $800.00 for set, will sell for $400.00 plus postage and handling
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Poster of Shirley Temple for sale for a good price, not too expensive!!
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Click for larger view "Shirley Temple Favorite Poems" book 93 pages, spine torn and a few pages coloured in by a child but intact
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Original 13" doll in box,  check silk dress pink/blue/red piping, underwear white organiza with lace on petticoat and pants, no shoes socks or badge, EC
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Original "Susannah of the Mounties" softcover book 1939 authorized edition
Email Reply (#A25)

Original booklet titled "Shirley Temple at Play" 1935 authorized edition
Email Reply (#A24)

Two big photo's one signed 1937, 13 film postcards b&w plus 6 b&w with colour, 26 matchstick photo's b&w some colour
Email Reply (#A23)

Five ST books b/w, On the movie lot, Just a little girl, Twinkletoes, Little playmate-in starring roles, and ST in Heidi
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Shirley Temple Dolls 6 off each 12" in original box, Dutch costume, Pink with white polka dots, White filmy with red polka dots, Orient-turquoise shirt with black ties & pants, Blue dress with flowers & white apron, Sailor outfit
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Records: "Shirley Temple Greatest Hits" Starline/EMI Great Britain MRS 5086, "Recordings from the Original Film Triumphs of Shirley Temple" EMI/MFP 1141 Great Britain, "Little Miss Shirley Temple" Pickwick SPC5127, Singles: Good ship/Animal Crackers 1974 PE records, and a newer one Greatest Hits (pink cover) with four titles
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Signed picture of Shirley Temple in colour from 20th Century-Fox pictures, GC
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"Shirley Temple Storybook" l958, signed by Shirley May l958  includes Beauty and the Beast, The Nightingale, The Little Lame Prince, The Sleeping Beauty, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Rapunzel, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, The Magic Fishbone, The Land of Green Ginger, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Valiant Little Tailor, The Wild Swans, Rip Van Winkle, Rumpelstiltskin.Outside cover FC, Inside EC
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Original autograph picture of Shirley Temple that she autographed when she was about 10 years old
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Shirley Temple 21st birthday magazine GC, Modern Screen Magazine Oct 1949 FC, Modern Screen Magazine April 1949 Shirley Temple Special Edition. Each has vast details and pics, serious enquiries only.
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Click for larger view Original 1935 "Sing With Shirley Temple" Album contains: Baby Take a bow, When I grow up, On the Good Ship Lollipop, On Account I love you, Little Colonel, Our Little Girl, Curly Top and Love's Young Dream. Full portraits and collage of Shirley from different movies. Couple of small smudges on front and a loose cover otherwise GC
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Jane Wither's Script Pin for 13" Jane Withers Doll. It's about 2-3 inches long and golden in color.
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I am wanting any or all 1930's Composition Shirley dolls or original clothes & pins. Any size just send me a couple of pictures and details!
Email Reply (#W37)

Little Miss Marker VHS Pal format in excellent condition
Email Reply (#W36)

Shirley Temple Police Badge (see image)
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Figurine Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. It is a #'s series put out by 20th Century Fox   in the 1980's - The collection was called The Shirley Temple Classics
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Poor Little Rich Girl plate from the Nostalgia Collectibles series to complete my set. It is part of the Shirley Temple Classics series, produced in the 1980's
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Shirley Temple Photo's or Postcards with Jane Withers, Lenci Dolls & any "Bright Eyes" stills. Please see samples above
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1930 Shirley Temple doll or that era
Email Reply (#W29)

Anything of Shirley with her own Lenci Doll Collection, or photos of Shirley from the movie Bright Eyes, with Jane Withers
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Danbury Shirley Temple & Bojangles Doll set made of porcelain with two dolls on steps. Shirley is 8" in green dress and Bojangles is 14 1/2" in a Tux. Artist Elke Hutchens
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Replacement copy of Wee Willie Winkie plate my husband broke mine. I have all of the other plates in the collection
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Any format of any or all of three episodes of the NBC productions of The Shirley Temple Show, circa 1958-59. They are: Kim, The Black Arrow and The Return of Long John Silver
Email Reply (#W25)

Sheet Music, copy or original "Alone With You" and "Happy Ending" from Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Also, other songs from this movie or others
Email Reply (#W24)

Background music for "Codfish Ball". Need ASAP
Email Reply (#W23)

VHS copy of "Kiss & Tell"
Email Reply (#W22)

VHS/DSL Movies, Need "Dimples" & "The Little Colonel" for a collection
Email Reply (#W21)

Shirley Temple Annual circa 1936. Stories inc one about a grandfather asleep in his chair
Email Reply - (Enthusiast 71 from England, UK) (#W20)

Sheet music "I Love to Walk in the Rain" for elementary school music teacher
Email Reply (#W19)

Curly Top poster in color for my 3 year old's room. She watches the movie everyday
Email Reply (#W18)

Shirley Temple Colbalt Blue glassware to fill up my curio. Has to be in great condition
Also 1996 Danbury mint dolls. I have 2 and want the rest of them thanks
Email Reply (#W17)

Sheet music "I love to Walk in the Rain" from Just around the corner. Original or copy
Email Reply (#W16)

Mr. Belvedere Goes to College, if anyone has a really good copy, please email me!
Email Reply (#W15)

Picture of Shirley Temple with 14 original Wizard of Oz books (by L Frank Baum)
Email Reply (#W13)

Shirley Temple doll for my wife
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Portrait of Shirley done by Charles H. Jarrett or any info appreciated
Email Reply (#W11)

Unlisted lyrics or pictures for any Shirley Temple songs
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