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Rita Dubas
Shirley Temple: A Pictorial History of the Worlds Greatest Child Star - by Rita Dubas
Film stills, personal photos and memorabilia, colour & b/w photos

2006 Applause Books, Hardcover, 256 pages, $29-95
- ISBN 1-5578-3672-8

Suzanne Mancuso
Identification & Price Guide to Shirley Temple Collectibles - by Suzanne Mancuso
Guide to collectibles and their current market value, 200 colour photos

2002 Hobby House Press, Paperback, 160 pages, $30-00
- ISBN 0-8758-8624-8

Shirley Temple - by John Bankston
Real-Life Reader Biography Series

2002 Mitchell Lane Publishers Inc, Hardcover, $18-50
- ISBN 1-58415-1722

Loraine Burdick
The Shirley Temple Scrapbook - by Loraine Burdick
Excellent revision of 1975 publication with text, photos, some colour
See also "Recent Booklets" above

2001 Jonathan David Publishers Inc, Hardbound, Dustjacket, 312 pages
68-22 Eliot Av, Middle Village New York 11379, $35-00
- ISBN 0-8246-0440-7, Inquiries Loraine Burdick
Also available as Leather bound volume from Easton Press

Shirley Temple Black - by Jean F Blashfield
Ferguson's Career Biographies: Biography & actor career profile

2000 Ferguson Publishing $16-95
200 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 700, Chicago, Illinois 60606, 1-800-306-9941
- ISBN 0-89434-338-6

Shirley Temple Black - by Patsy G. Hammontree
A Bio-Bibliography

1998 Greenwood Publishing Group, Hardcover, $74-95
- ISBN 0-31325-848-1

Leonard Maltin
Movie and Video Guide - by Leonard Maltin
Definitive reference on all films, updated annually

1998 Penguin Books USA, Paperback $7-99
- ISBN 0-451-19582-5

1994 Gen Jones
Shirley In The Magazines
Identifies articles/pix with sources

1994 Gen Jones, Soft cover $25-00
294 Park St Medford MA 02155

C.Corbridge Collection 2001
Shirley Temple Black, Hollywood's Youngest Star - by Carlo Fiori
Biography & Filmography with 16 photo's

1990 Dell publishing, New York, Paperback 87 pages

Temple Black
Child Star: An Autobiography - by Shirley Temple Black
Detailed frank personal account

1989 Headline Book Publishing/Warner Books Inc $5-95
- ISBN 0-7472-3303-9/ISBN 0-446-35792-8

Donna Ruff
Shirley Temple Black: Actress to Ambassador - by James S Haskins
Illustrated by Donna Ruff
Ideal summary for ages 7-11

1988 Viking Penguin Inc $10-95
- ISBN 0-670-81957-3

Anne Edwards
Shirley Temple: American Princess - by Anne Edwards
Well researched indexed biography, 85 photo's in 2 sections

08/1988 William Morrow & Co, Hardbound, Dustjacket, 488 pages, $19-95
- ISBN 0-688-06051-X

2lester.jpg (4592 bytes)
C.Corbridge Collection 2001
The Shirley Temple Story - by Lester David & Irene David
Well researched biography from birth, filmography, photo section with 34 pics

1983 G P Putnam's Sons, Hardbound, Dustjacket, 224 pages
New York

Robert Windeler
The Films of Shirley Temple - by Robert Windeler
Excellent source film material/pics

04/1978 Carol Publishing Co, Secaucus NJ (declared bankruptcy)
06/1997 Paperback version $17-00. Over 400 b&w photo's, 256 pages
Bluefish Press PO Box 1241. New York NY 10159
- ISBN 0-8065-0615-6

Robert Windeler
The Films of Shirley Temple - by Robert Windeler
Exact same contents as hard cover book. Same pages, text, photo's & author

1978, Citadel Press, Paperback

C.Corbridge Collection 2001
The World and Shirley Temple - by May A. Neumann
Brief biography, mostly illustrations and descriptions of collectibles: dolls, playing cards, tea sets, mirrors, watches, cobalt glass, frock ads, books, sheet music etc

1978 McGrain Publications Inc, Billings, Missouri, Paperback, 106 pages

Patricia R Smith
Shirley Temple Dolls & Collectibles - by Patricia R Smith
Detailed reference with valuations

1977 Collector Books
Paducah KY

C.Corbridge Collection 2001
Shirley Temple - by Jeanine Basinger
Biography birth to 1975 over 100 photo's

1975 Pyramid Publishing, New York, Paperback, 145 pages

Loraine Burdick
The Shirley Temple Scrapbook - by Loraine Burdick
B&W photos with captions
See also "Recent Booklets" above

1975 Jonathan David Publications, 160 pages
New York $19-95, Paperback, $4-98
Inquiries Loraine Burdick



1995 Corel Corp
All-Movie Guide: Corel CD Home
for Windows & Mackintosh
Detail on most of Shirley's films

08/1995 Corel Corporation $

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