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C.Corbridge Collection 2001

Hollywood Kids - by Thomas G. Aylesworth
Biography and pictures. Shirley section 17 pages with 24 photo's some oversize and colour. Beautiful classic!

1987 E.P. Dutton, New York, Hardbound, Dustjacket, 288 pages

C.Corbridge Collection 2001

The Fox Girls - by James Robert Parish
Lavish, beautiful, large heavy volume on Fox female stars. Section on Shirley 60 pages, well researched biography, filmography and 94 photo's many rare.

1972 Castle Books Inc, New York, Hardbound, Dustjacket, 722 pages

C.Corbridge Collection 2001

Shirley Temple - by Lois Eby
Biography from birth to 1962. No photos, just adult on front cover and child on rear

1962 Monach Books Inc, Derby, Connecticut, Paperback, 143 pages

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C.Corbridge Collection 2001

The Shirley Temple Treasury
Stories from movies that made her famous (Heidi, The little Colonel, Captain January, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm) An absolute classic, illustrated with photo's from films some colour,

1959 Random House Inc, Hardbound, Dustjacket, 204 pages
New York



Shirley Temple's Fairyland - by Charles Custer, 20th Century Fox

1958 Random House Inc
New York



Lucky Star - by Margaret Lockwood

1955 Odhams Press Ltd

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C.Corbridge Collection 2001

My Young Life - by Shirley Temple and the editors of "Look"
Shirley's own biography, Hundreds of photo's from babyhood to age 17

1945 Garden City Publishing Co, Hardbound, Dustjacket, 254 pages
New York

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