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Embracing the happiness of show biz, Shirley won the heart of the working man and with her firmly held views, inspired confidence in the values of the 1930's, which helped bring America out of the great depression. She became known as "America's Princess" after a film titled "The Little Princess", and continuing public duty and service

Shirley's sparkling performances were supported by her Mother's hard work and the Studio system, which led her to receive an Academy Award and grow up with the expectations of a Princess. As a teenager her cuteness was gradually shed, but she always remained the same nice well mannered girl

As an adult, the Studio's, her first Husband and the Theatre going public, rejected her because she did not fit the desirable actress image of the times. Although still adored by her "Child Star" fans, Shirley tried several times to make some kind of a comeback, but gradually became disillusioned and distanced herself from the little girl she was

Shirley remarried and while raising a family fought a personal battle with cancer. Not to be beaten, she set about working for Business, Charity, the Republican Party, the United Nations and wrote her autobiography "Child Star". She was appointed US Ambassador of Ghana, US Chief of Protocol and later US Ambassador for Czechoslovakia. Shirley was always active until her death and writing a second part of her autobiography. Her contribution to the United States of America remains most significant over almost an entire lifetime

In some ways this is the sad story of a little Princess who gave so much, but who was forced to live in the shadow of her former self as a child. The other side of this, is that Shirley lived usefully while the little Princess goes on, giving happiness to Mum's or Dad's who would love such a Daughter, and to generations of Kids who discover her for the first time. Her legacy is not only the wonderful films and music with solid family values, but the huge number of studio stills, dolls and collectibles from many countries

In today's troubled world, the ideals of Shirley Temple are still relevant: the importance of the family unit, to be cheerful, love our neighbours, show tolerance to other races and work to uphold standards and peace in the world around us. Shirley was not just a little girl with curls, but a role model for the future

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